Monday, January 28, 2013

The Bean Trees (Barbara Kingsolver)

''it's also interesting how it's hard to be depressed around a three-year-old, if you're paying attention. After a while, whatever you're mooning about egins to seem like some elaborate adult invention." This was my first Kingsolver book that I finished and I have an idea that they are not all like this, more recently centering around Worldly events I will try more, especially the sequel to this, Pigs in Heaven, and hope that they are as charming. This reminds me of Anne Lamott's books. All the ones featuring Rosie. Something about the writing and description of the scenery and the protagonists thoughts being slightly sarcastic and hippie like. I liked this story featuring a girl, Taylor who took off from home to find her way and came upon a girl she named Turtle that was more or less thrusted upon her and came into her custody. I liked her roommate and her slightly neurotic and truly female ways. I liked the immigration-cause that lingered on the periphery so that we know the author is probably speaking through her characters when we see how unfair immigration laws are. Or whatever. I liked this book and will be reading more, providing they are better than the Poisonwood bible. Tried that and got bored and aggravated with it.

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