Sunday, December 28, 2014

Seeing Other People by Mike Gayle

So there's this English bloke who wakes up after what he thinks is a late night mugging. He wakes up in the bedroom of an intern he works with. Oh no! Thus ensuing an unraveling of conscience and trust and upon confession, his marriage. Joe Clarke has made a mistake and now he must deal with the consequences. But early on the reader is treated to a Christmas Carol type of story where the ghost of Joe's first girlfriend, a horrendous being who is haunting him and also showing that his life isn't what he thinks it is and how even though he may or may not have committed an act of betrayal his thinking of it, and letting his ego be stroked in a hurtful way could be just as bad. Joe has learned what it's like to make a sacrifice and how it affects not only him but his wife and two children. The story was good, I generally don't go for the surreal mixed in but I do love Mike Gayles 'chicky-lit' novels. This one wasn't as serious as it seems, with the content of the story, it was all Gayle all the way. I was glad to have gotten the book and if you're a fan this one is a keeper.

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

The Good Girl by Mary Kubica

This was a great story. Mysterious, captivating.. it was about a kidnapping. The story is told from three perspectives, from the kidnapper, the detective and the mother of the victim. It switches from before the girl is found to after the girl is found. It touches upon the dynamics of the rich family the kidnapping happened to and we find that not is all as it seems. It flows, it's a quick read, I was surprised at the ending although I had thought it might be something along those lines. Even if you suspect the ending it's still a very well written story.

Into the Darkest Corner by Elizabeth Haynes

This book. Wow. I mean, seriously. It was an intense ride from start to finish getting more and more f'd up by the chapter. It's about a woman named Catherine Bailey who at a young age is having fun meeting people partying sleeping around and stuff when she meets this guy Lee. Lee is hot and charming and takes charge and sweeps Cathy off her feet. Long story short, and the book opens up with the transcript of the court date, there is a charge of beating and Catherine isn't the one donning the boxing gloves. The story picks up three years later with Catherine having picked up the pieces (and a major case of OCD) and dealing with her life post trauma. She meets another man and the book goes along a parallel path alternating between three years before and the present time. i don't know what makes the story so compelling. It's practically a lifetime movie but the writing is fabulous and it flows. The story begs some questions about why she would stay why she would put up with abuse etc....but the story is so enveloping and you just have to keep reading to find out what the hell could happen next. And the end.... no spoilers on my end ever but omg SERIOUSLY?????? so good.

The Silent Wife by A.S.A. Harrison

Yup I loved it! glad i didn't listen to all the nay-sayers who would rather focus on it being or not being like G.G. who the FUCK cares?? this was a great book. yeah the ending was weird but that didnt' detract from the fact that i was riveted by the relationship from beginning to end. No it wasn't super wacky or psycho or anything. It was mundane and focused on the interior minds of two people who got together and played off each other. it was brilliant and it makes me sad that the author died so as not to graces us readers with more novels. so if you are into a story with no agenda or wanting something to follow another bestseller's footsteps read on.

Mean Streak by Sandra Brown

This was my first Sandra Brown book becaue I was a book snob and thought that writers who do 'suspenseful mysteries' one after another were a dime a dozen. The jury is still out on that one but this was a riveting tale even if it had a couple cliches in it. I am on a "missing person/fucked up relationships" kick. And this one had both. We have our doctor woman who is married but is in a fight with her husband when she goes to a mounntain to do a 20 mile as per her marathon training. She goes and all is well until she's found unconsious knocked upside the head with a rock. she wakes up in a cabin of some dude who is tall dark and handsome. It's vague if he's involvedd in her accident but she falls for him despite fearing him cuz this guys' been involved in some heavy shit. so in alternating chapters we find out more about hubby, how he could also be involved since the doctor woman, his wife is an heiress, she's fiflthy rich and they have separate accounts. he's also having an affair with......wait for it..... her best friend! i'm not giving much away cuz there's so much more to the story. it's so good, like soap opera good that yes i'm eating my own stuck up snotty words that books like these are crap. if they are, then i love crap!!!

Dolby by Laura Lane McNeal

A great historical fiction read. It's about a mother dropping her daughter off with her newly deceased husbands mother. We meet her maid and her maids daughter and get a little background of the south in the 1960's. Easy and even humorous at times. I enjoyed this book.

Honeymoon in Paris by JoJo Moyes

Loved it. Got sucked in to both relationships straight off and couldn't stop reading and glad i picked up The Girl you Left Behind cuz I am diving right into that.... Although the beginning is a little dry..what with the war stuff and all but I trust that JoJo will get juicy soon enough.